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Love Heart Lock and Key Ceremony

August 31, 2017



(If you are interested in learning more about this ceremony, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about how it all works and where you can purchase these sets).


If you are looking for a unique add-on ceremony to include in your wedding, the Love Heart Lock Ceremony may be the perfect one! I had the opportunity to include this in a recent wedding that I performed and thought it was a visually beautiful way for a couple to symbolize the strength of their commitment to their marriage.

Its origin is said to come from an ancient Chinese tradition, although it’s unclear if this is true. Regardless, it is a sweet, visible metaphor for demonstrating the couple’s dedication to remain joined together for the rest of their days.

There are several ways the ceremony can be done. The couple can use a pair of heart locks that they padlock together on a single chain or, the couple can use a single lock and secure it to a permanent structure. (I personally like the heart locks on a chain as the couple can keep it as a memento of their wedding day).

Toss or Keep the Keys

The ceremony does not end with simply securing the locks through. The key to this successful love lock ceremony is to throw away the keys so the locks can never be unlocked, opened, and released from the chain. This key tossing would make for a great photo opportunity.

Traditionally, couples have tossed their keys into the water or woods where there is no hope of retrieving it. You may even bury the keys in a meaningful location, tie them to balloons or melt them in a bonfire. However, due to sentimental value and environmental concerns, many couples choose to keep their keys as a special keepsake of their wedding day. The trend is for brides to string the keys onto a plain bracelet or necklace chain, which she then wears around her wrist or neck during the ceremony. You may also want to give them to  your mothers for safekeeping.

The locks and key can be purchased online and personalized with your names and wedding date. (Etsy )

Here is a sample ceremony script that can be read by one of our officiates. There are also several poems that can be read while performing the ceremony.

(Names) have just pledged their lives to one another, symbolized with the giving and receiving of rings. They wish to further symbolize the strength of their commitment with a Love Heart Lock Ceremony.

These two padlocks represent their recognition of the dedication and courage necessary for securing a strong and healthy marriage. I invite them to now attach their locks to the chain which is in the form of a circle, symbolic of unity, wholeness, and completion. (Names) have united in love and trust for a common purpose, for what was separate will now become whole and complete.

(Names) please take the keys and secure your locks. As their hearts, bodies, and minds are joined together in a bond that constitutes the sanctity of marriage, these locks demonstrate that (Names) are forever joined together in a lifelong partnership and an abiding friendship, a promise between two people that they will forever strive to both complement and complete one another.

At this time I ask (Names) to dispose of the keys, for what their love has brought together, let nothing break asunder.


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